Dimitrios P. Tsomocos


Professor Dimitrios P Tsomocos is a Professor of Financial Economics at Saïd Business School and a Fellow in Management at St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford.

A mathematical economist by trade, his main areas of expertise include:

  • Central Banking
  • Banking and regulation
  • Incomplete asset markets
  • Systemic risk
  • Financial instability
  • Issues of new financial architecture

Dimitrios' research has had a substantial impact on economic policy around the world. In particular, he analyses issues of contagion, financial fragility, interbank linkages and the impact of the Basel Accord and financial regulation in the macroeconomy, using a General Equilibrium model with incomplete asset markets, money and endogenous default. He is working towards designing a new paradigm of monetary policy, financial stability analysis and macroprudential regulation.

He co-developed the Goodhart – Tsomocos model of financial fragility in 2003 while working at the Bank of England. The impact has been significant and more than ten central banks have calibrated the model, including the Bank of Bulgaria, Bank of Colombia, Bank of England and the Bank of Korea. Nowadays, he is collaborating with researchers from the ECB, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Bank of Chile to implement an updated version of the model, together with professor Udara Peiris. In 2011, Dimitrios provided testimony to House of Lords for the Economic and Financial Affairs and International Trade Sub Committee's report, 'The future of economic governance in the EU'.

Dimitrios has been an economic advisor to one of the main political parties in Greece and regularly provides commentary on the state of the Greek economy to local and international media. He has worked with central banks in countries including England, Bulgaria, Colombia, Greece, Korea and Norway to implement the Goodhart – Dimitrios model and advise them on issues of financial stability. He also serves as a Senior Research Associate at the Financial Markets Group at the London School of Economics.

Prior to joining the Saïd Business School in 2002, Dimitrios was an economist at the Bank of England. He holds a BA, MA, M.Phil., and a PhD from Yale University.

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